The admin portal enables you to manage a Power BI tenant for your organization. The portal includes items such as usage metrics, access to the Microsoft admin center, and settings. The full admin portal is accessible to all users who are global admins or have been assigned the Power BI service administrator role. If you're not in one of these roles, you only see Capacity settings in the portal. To get to the Power BI admin portal, do the following.

There are nine tabs in the portal.

apodment tenant portal

The rest of this article provides information about each of these tabs. The Usage metrics enables you to monitor Power BI usage for your organization.

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It also provides the ability to see which users, and groups, are the most active within Power BI for your organization. The first time you access the dashboard, or after you visit again after a long period of not viewing the dashboard, you'll likely see a loading screen while we load the dashboard. Once the dashboard loads, you see two sections of tiles. The first section includes usage data for individual users, and the second section has similar information for groups in your organization.

Most consumed dashboard by number of users who can access it. The most popular content users connected to. This would be anything the users could reach through the Get Data process, so SaaS content packs, Organizational content packs, files or databases.

A view of your top users based on how many dashboards they have, both dashboards they created themselves and dashboards shared to them. The second section shows the same type of information, but based on groups. This lets you see which groups in your organization are most active and what kind of content they are consuming.

With this information, you can get real insights into how people are using Power BI across your organization, and be able to recognize those users and groups who are very active in your organization. Usage metrics reports are a feature that the Power BI or global administrator can turn on or off. Administrators have granular control over which users have access to usage metrics. They are On by default for all users in the organization.

See Monitor usage metrics for Power BI dashboards and reports for details about the reports themselves. By default, per-user data is enabled for usage metrics, and content consumer account information is included in the metrics report. If you don't want to include this information for some or all users, disable the feature for specified security groups or for an entire organization. Account information then shows in the report as Unnamed.

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When disabling usage metrics for their entire organization, admins can also choose one or both options to:. You manage Power BI users, groups, and admins in the Microsoft admin center. The Users tab provides a link to the admin center for your tenant. Learn more. To use audit logs, make sure the Create audit logs for internal activity auditing and compliance setting is enabled. The Tenant settings tab enables fine-grained control over the features that are made available to your organization.On February 10th, we rebranded to Zego powered by PayLease and launched a new corporate website at gozego.

This change will not impact how you currently make payments as a resident or homeowner, log in as a Property Management professional, or how we integrate with your software. A powerful platform for payments, utilities, engagement and more, Zego makes it possible to go above and beyond for the communities that count on you. GO Zego powered by PayLease. Go connected with engagement tools that build community. Go mobile and help your residents take charge of their own needs.

Go paperless and spend less time processing payments. Go smart with tech-forward amenities that offer a premium feel. Inspire your residents and staff to love their community with a comprehensive mobile app.

Maximize your recoupment and drive conservation with utility cost recovery and payables. Make a Payment Login Resident Login. Make a Payment Continue to our new website. Powering better engagement and efficiency for communities A powerful platform for payments, utilities, engagement and more, Zego makes it possible to go above and beyond for the communities that count on you.

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Zego Engage Inspire your residents and staff to love their community with a comprehensive mobile app. Zego Smart Jump ahead in a competitive market with state-of-the-art smart amenities. Zego Utility Maximize your recoupment and drive conservation with utility cost recovery and payables.

All Rights Reserved.When setting rates, most water and wastewater utilities are concerned at least to some extent about whether their customers can afford the resulting bills. However, a frustrating problem is that a lot of low income people live in multifamily housing, such as apartments, and do not actually have an account with the water utility. So some utility managers have been grappling with effective ways to provide assistance to these water users.

Different theories involving vouchers etc. The scenario for the success of this particular customer assistance program CAP from Seattle Public Utilities involves external factors outside the control of the utility see point 3 below combined with targeted and consistent efforts by the utility itself over the long-term e. In contrast, many other states frown on the use of rates revenue from one set of residential customers being used to subsidize the rates of another set of residential customers, making it more challenging to secure funds to run a CAP.

For example, while many renters across the country live in situations of a master meter for water, electricity is usually sub-metered to individual rental units. This means that the renters receive an electricity bill. So, SPU provides assistance to the tenant to cover that relevant portion of the rent. The City of Seattle is growing faster than most other large urban areas in the country, as illustrated in the diagram below.

With this increase in growth comes a higher cost of living. Community leaders see this high cost of living as a push factor causing poor people to migrate out of the City. Elected officials have made it a priority to address this issue through assistance programs for housing and utilities to the poor. Interviews with several large water utilities confirm that getting low-income customers to actually sign up for a CAP is a challenge.

Several factors account for this, but the burden of paperwork and documentation for the subscriber is usually an important one. People who have successfully enrolled in such related programs complete less paperwork in order to be enrolled in the UDP.

Ineven people who did not receive a water bill, but lived in non -Seattle Housing Authority SHA multi-family housing were able to be auto-enrolled in the UDP program. This meant that over 3, tenants of non-profit housing organizations such as Catholic Charities were auto-enrolled into UDP. On August 1 st, Seattle made an even greater leap forward in enrollment numbers.

SPU has even been providing assistance to the very small group of its service population who have neither a water nor electricity bill. When rent is due, the tenant turns in the voucher as part of the rent payment. The landlord then uses the voucher to pay part of the SPU bill. Through its sustained efforts over time and recent program advancements, Seattle Public Utilities is currently able to provide financial assistance to just about any residential user of water in its service area.

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In the case of Seattle, certain extenuating circumstances, such as the high cost of living, are helping make this possible. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Search for:. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.


Authors Select Author Twitter: efcatunc.Phoenix, AZ 45, Apartments. Apartments for Rent in Cities Across the U. Denver, CO 48, Apartments. College Apartments for Rent. Florida State University 12, Apartments. List With Us. Log In. Please enter a city. Register to Vote Sign the Petition. Los Angeles, CA. San Francisco, CA. Houston, TX. Phoenix, AZ. San Antonio, TX. San Diego, CA.

Austin, TX.

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Dallas, TX. Charlotte, NC. Indianapolis, IN. Apartments for Rent Across the U. Madison, WI. Milwaukee, WI. Chicago, IL. Minneapolis, MN. Columbus, OH.

How to view my rental information (Tenant Portal)

Pittsburgh, PA. Denver, CO. Champaign, IL.

apodment tenant portal

St Louis, MO. Philadelphia, PA. Cincinnati, OH. Kansas City, MO. Ohio State University. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Florida State University. University of Florida.Did you know that you can now pay your rent and submit maintenance requests online?

It's fast, easy, and secure, so why wait? Below, you'll find some information on how to get started and a few reasons why so many others have already made the switch! Log Into Portal Maintenance Request.

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Have you ever looked at a calendar and suddenly realized that your rent was due that day? Or worse yet, that it was due a few days ago and that it was now late? With online rent payments, these concerns are a thing of the past. Simply hop on your computer and in just a few minutes, your rent is paid!

Or remove all doubt and schedule a payment in advance so your rent is paid automatically. In a world where online financial predators seem more and more common, we understand if you have reservations about entering your bank account information online.

But fear not! Your information is password protected and all transactions are both encrypted and securely transmitted. Skip Navigation. Owner Login Tenant Login. Youtube Linked In Twitter Facebook. Sacramento Property Management. Suite SacramentoCA Phone: sacramento homeriver. All Rights Reserved. Any issues should be reported to sacramento homeriver. Website Accessibility Policy.After years of helping with college tuition, parents of recent grads may find themselves facing another test this summer: Helping their kids find a New York City apartment.

apodment tenant portal

We've already covered the basic of buying an apartment for your grown kid. Here's what you need to know:. Doubling, tripling, and quadrupling up, and in many cases subdividing space is the name of the game here.

However, not all buildings are what real estate brokers call "flex-friendly," that is, amenable to subdividing. Some landlords and management companies don't want the extra wear and tear on the apartment and—when repeated on a widespread scale—on the building that occurs when four adults share a space meant for one or two.

Others are wary of their building taking on a post-college dorm atmosphere.

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In general, high rises are often more friendly to roommates than walk-ups. One indication of whether a building looks favorably on roommates is its policy on the use of temporary walls to subdivide and reconfigure a space. Be sure to check with the landlord or managing agent in the building to see if such modifications are allowed. Do it before signing a lease, and don't take a broker's word for it.

These agreements are legally binding and can be used in small claims court in a worst-case scenario. One of the biggest places to save is by reducing or avoiding a broker's fee, which traditionally amounts to percent of a year's rent. Summer is the most difficult time of year to find fee-less or "no fee" apartment, but it's not impossible.

For best results, go guerrilla. Chat up doormen. Reach out to your personal networks through email, Facebook, co-workers, and alumni groups.

Get hold of a list of management companies and call them up to ask about upcoming availabilities that may not be listed anywhere yet.

If you're looking in Manhattan, check out our list of the best landlords in the borough as a place to start. You can also look for a "low fee" apartment. Or you can find a a broker who charges a lower-than-normal fee.Portals are customizable so you can control what owners and tenants see.

Have you ever been part of an email thread where the original message gets lost? Propertyware Tenant Portals give tenants one, centralized location to go to for communications with staff from any web browser or smart device. Tenants and staff are each notified via email when new comments are added to a communication stream. Sound familiar? Then, you have the burden of rushing to deposit it, hoping it clears. No more waiting, no more stress. Now, when your tenants submit a service request, they can upload a photo or short video.

This is helpful when there are multiple rooms in a home, so that your service technician can locate the specific issue more quickly and easily. Tenants can also track the communication between your team, anytime, anywhere. Deliver real-time, on-demand visibility to your owners. With Propertyware, owners can view their complete portfolio information including ledgers, documents and back-and-forth communication, delivering a level of confidence and trust they will appreciate.

Whether you need funds from your owners or need to pay into the portfolio, our Owner Portals give you the power to transfer or receive money conveniently and securely. Completely integrated with the Propertyware owner ledger, the portal will notify your owners via email when funds have been added to their account, when tenants have given notice, and much more. Not sure who to communicate with?

Not a problem. Contact Sales. Login Free Trial.

Renting an apartment for your grown kid? Here's what you need to know

He Said, She Said Have you ever been part of an email thread where the original message gets lost? For Owners. Clear and Transparent Deliver real-time, on-demand visibility to your owners.

Transactions Made Simple Whether you need funds from your owners or need to pay into the portfolio, our Owner Portals give you the power to transfer or receive money conveniently and securely. Track Communication Not sure who to communicate with?

Rental Property Owner Portal Solutions. How to deliver rental home inspection reports to property owners in hours instead of days.

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